Trassart was born from the deepest admiration that Rafael professes for both his beloved mother and his adored sister. 


- Kar. M, a dedicated businesswoman, and devoted mother began to dress women in 1995 in Montevideo, Uruguay, throughout the years she expanded to Spain where she increased her portfolio and her brand's image.


-Vic G, UAL graduate, fashion designer, and passionate creator, designed her own espadrilles collaborating with Kar. M, until she founded her own brand.


Both Kar. and Vic realized that they needed to rely on a team of experts (our experts) who would experience the process in the same way as they did.


The constant involvement and consistent dedication to both brands helped Rafael to explore the world of espadrilles in greater depth, giving free rein to his creativity and the extreme passion that he has emanated for design since he was a child,


The artist became more and more interested in footwear and particularly in handcrafted products, which lead him to design his own espadrilles.