Rafael Trassart

A Story of challenges, success, passion, and tradition

I’m obsessed with design and immersed in a constant search for perfect beauty. 

I’ve always combined my multiple interests with my work, and these activities have led me to acquire a great number of influences. 

In Trassart, you’ll be able to find reminiscences of architecture, music, arts, motorsports, golf, skiing, and a major nautical theme, such as the marvelous “Gloves”.

6 Cities, 5 languages, 1 man and a clear Vision

Born in  Montevideo, Rafael attends the Scuola Italiana in which he gains his first design influences in the Italian styles and language.

In fact, he will learn to speak Italian prior to Spanish (his mother tongue).

In 1999 the family moved to Brazil, where Rafael gained influences from Carioca colors and shapes, this has been constantly enhanced by his great passion for Brazil, Senna, Rio de Janeiro, and the marvelous bossa nova.

Rafael’s family officially moved in 2003 and he grew up in a city with a major sober, traditional, and extremely classical feel. This helped him to create the traditional collection (whose color palette is mainly based on dark tones)

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In 2018, Rafael moves to Qatar temporarily (in order to embrace a new opportunity, in Doha),

he gained influences from the pearls, the sea, the camels, and the desert.

In 2019 Rafael officially moves to London, this leads him to start exploring new ventures-

In the 2020 London Fashion Week, he discovers Londoners’ need for Spanish Handmade Espadrilles and in 2021,  after several years of research Rafael finally embarks on Trassart.